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Should you need an experienced, friendly, and reliable handyman in San Francisco, look no further than Oscar Hernandez. Oscar is the consummate professional who performs his services efficiently and in a high quality, friendly manner. If you happen to have a "honey do" punch list that just never seems to get done (like I did), Oscar is your man! He can install light fixtures, hang mirrors, paint a wall, replace a toilet, build a deck, and even put together your daughter's new red wagon (she still thinks I did it). My wife and daughter are very happy that I finally called Oscar, and you will be too!
– Steve C.

I hired Oscar to build some shelves in my storage room. What he built ended up looking more like nice furniture than generic storage shelving. I was really impressed with the quality of his work, and his price was very reasonable. I will definitely use him again.
– Tommy P.

Oscar came this morning to handle a few small jobs on my new house. I'm definitely compiling another list for him because he did such a wonderful and fast job. He was super respectful from the very beginning, and his price was very fair. I'm so relieved to know I've found such a great handyman!
– Jessica M.

I have used Oscar Hernandez on three carpentry and minor construction jobs -- in my kitchen, hall and basement. Each time he has done solid work, been flexible when the job changed, and delivered the work on time and economically.  I would recommend his work and his professional friendly demeanor to anyone.
– Nick D.

Oscar is a gem! He reviewed the photos of the broken ceiling light I emailed him and he suggested to me that he buy a low cost part in advance of the repair so that he wouldn't have to leave during the repair/installation. (He provided me with a receipt for the part in his invoice.) He arrived on time. Oscar is pleasant and professional. And, he charged me slightly more than half of what another outfit quoted me for the fairly basic repair. I'll take that kind of savings --on top of excellent workmanship-- any day. Thanks, Oscar!
– Suzette S.

Oscar has completed many jobs for me. I've had him hang pictures, paint/patch/repair walls, refinish furniture, build things - he can do it all! He's completely trustworthy, and his handiwork is excellent. I've recommended him to several friends and they all think highly of his work. He's really good around kids - my boys love when he's around.
– Quyen D.

Oscar has done so many kinds of work for me--plumbing, electrical, painting, construction.   He's extremely skilled, fast, conscientious, and reasonably priced.   He's also a kind, warm person I always enjoy seeing.
– Michelle C.

Oscar has done a number of jobs for me and my building from installing a light, to hanging pictures, to painting the outside. He is always reliable,  can come through in a pinch (e.g. came back right away to do something I had  accidentally failed to ask for originally), does a really nice job, and is super friendly and nice to deal with.
– BB G.

I hired Oscar to do a few random things in my kitchen.  He was friendly, on time, and his rates are very reasonable.  He is highly recommended.  He is now my go-to guy for all my handyman needs.
– Abir M.

I hired Oscar to do dry rot repair, build wooden awnings, install a new exterior utility door, install a new dishwasher, and paint the back of my San Francisco house.  Oscar was very attentive to detail, did excellent work, cleaned every day before leaving, and made great suggestions for the project.  I would highly recommend Oscar for those who need help across various home upkeep projects.
– Robert R.

We had rain water leaked thru from one side of the walls on our house, I had called several handyman for the job and couple of them never returned my call, or they didn't want to do the job.  Finally, I found Oscar on Yelp, he was great, he was on time, very friendly, very neat.
He did some caulking and repainted around the leaking area, hopefully that takes care of the problem.  Oscar did a good job, definitely I  will use him again.  Thanks Oscar!
– Sunny-Toby W.

I have hired Oscar multiple times over the past year, to fix all kinds of things around the house. He is so capable and very very efficient. I've hired other handymen who lolly-gagged around and in the end didn't do such great work. Oscar is head and shoulders above the rest!

The first time I hired Oscar, I gave him a long punch list. Having gotten used to lollygagger handymen in the past, I expected him to take all day. When I checked in on him about an hour later, I was amazed to find he'd already gotten through half my punch list. I couldn't believe it! And the quality of the work was superb.

Since then, I've hired him every few months for various projects, and I'm always so impressed with his work. He does carpentry, plumbing, electrical, painting -- you name it! He is also very honest, clean, and conscientious. Because of his track record, he has gotten very very busy and that is the only downside. I have referred him to several friends who are equally happy with his work. I may be shooting myself in the foot referring him, because he gets busier and busier by the day it seems, but he deserves all the work that's coming to him.
– Wona M.